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He has also released the results of internal audits regarding anticompetitive conduct including but not limited to cartel cases. Finally, any agreements or terms and conditions that infringe the Competition Act might be declared null and void.

Ley 25156, de Defensa de la Competencia.

With regard to current developments in anticompetitive cases, in Septemberthe current Antitrust Commission served notice to Prisma Medios de Pago SA Prisma and its 14 shareholder banks of an investigation by means of which it set out three main anticompetitive conducts.

The chapters in this book, which contain a wealth of learning about these significant developments around the world, will serve as a useful place to begin. However, a proposed amendment to the antitrust law was submitted to Congress and approved by the Argentina House of Representatives on 22 November Mr Greco acknowledged that the antitrust authorities, in past years, have failed to comply with the terms established in the Competition Act as regards conduct cases.

As a second step, the CNDC called the representatives of the companies and of the hospitals to attend hearings. The hearings are usually held in the antitrust commission offices and officiated by the lawyers and economists who are in charge of the case. The logic behind the pecuniary fine is that the imposition and the amount of the fine act as disincentives for those considering engaging in anticompetitive conduct.

Nonetheless, the CNDC has stated, in one of its last precedents, 8 that the following are the principal characteristics of collusive practices: As part of the investigation, Prisma submitted a settlement proposal to the Antitrust Commission in Marchwhich was approved by the Ministry of Production on 7 September Further, it is important to highlight that the Competition Act has adopted the effects doctrine, which 251566, in practice, that any act or conduct performed, or any agreement signed abroad, that has an effect in Argentine territory could be challenged by the antitrust authorities.


Business-focused legal analysis and 25165 in the most significant jurisdictions worldwide Interested in contributing? Under the new Competition Act, fines will be increased. All cases will be analysed by the rule of reason criteria. Healthcare, consumer and environmental fraud. This case was initiated as a consequence of lye investigation held by le Antitrust Commission — in early — that was focused on credit cards and electronic payment methods.

The Aviation Law Review. In practice, the antitrust authorities request, in the first instance, either the parties involved or third parties that may have knowledge or information regarding the collusion to provide documents or information they deem necessary to pursue the investigation. The agencies responsible for enforcing prohibitions on anticompetitive conduct are the CNDC and the Secretariat collectively, the antitrust authorities.

Max-Planck-Institut für Innovation und Wettbewerb

The Antitrust Act does not contain any statement of cooperation with other jurisdictions regarding international cooperation in cartel cases. Penalties for anticompetitive conduct are detailed in Section 46 of the Competition Act, and can be imposed by the Secretariat. The decisions of the Secretariat may be appealed by parties to the judicial courts.

Manipulation of benchmark interest rates and foreign exchange trading.

The Foreign Investment Regulation Review. The Employment Law Review. The Banking Regulation Review. Further, the companies are liable for the acts of their employees even those 251556 are not in a managerial position performed on their behalf, for their benefit or with their assistance.

There are no exceptions expressly included in the Competition Act regarding cartel cases. The conclusion of this investigation was that there was a lack of competition and transparency in the market. It should be noted, however, that pursuant to Section 1 of the Act, the law does not forbid conduct that involves parties that do not have sufficient market power to damage potentially or actually the general economic interest.


This notwithstanding, informal international cooperation could be expected on cross-border cartel cases. With regard to collusive practices, there does not need to be a formal and express agreement in place for the Competition Act to lley applicable, only an informal understanding between the parties involved in a cartel case is necessary.

Cartels are lry by the Argentine antitrust authorities as well as by antitrust authorities worldwide as serious infringements of the Competition Act because, as previously stated, they constitute one of the practices that are the most severely punished by ly antitrust authorities. Mr Greco, as a first step, carried out internal audits.

Without prejudice to other penalties that may relate to the activity, when verified acts that constitute a cartel case, or where it is noted that a monopolistic or oligopolistic position in violation of the provisions of the Competition Act has been acquired or consolidated, the authority, currently the Secretariat, may enforce conditions that have the aim 225156 neutralising the distortional effects that the activity has had on competition, or appeal to a judge to have the offending companies dissolved, liquidated, decentralised or divided.

The current Antitrust Act does not, at present, provide for leniency programmes. As has already been stated, a proposed amendment to the antitrust law was submitted to Congress and approved by the House of Representatives on 22 November Currently, Argentina has signed three documents concerning cooperation with worldwide 2556 in antitrust matters:.

They will no longer be determined in Argentine pesos but will be determined by the following factors: The sanction was appealed and finally revoked by the Court of Appeals of Comodoro Rivadavia.

The most valuable evidence used by the antitrust authorities to sanction the companies was email exchanges between representatives of the companies.