In this interview, translator Alan Gleason talks to Keiji Nakazawa about The result was a page autobiography in comics form, Ore wa Mita (I Saw It). Originally written in , I Saw It is a translation of Keiji Nakazawa’s Ore wa Mita. The comic is an autobiography following Nakazawa’s. I Saw It (Keiji Nakazawa, ). Click HERE to follow along. Keiji Nakazawa ( ). Posted by Christopher Sobieniak at PM.

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All that was left of the city was a vast scorched plain. I even taught English to his daughter when she was in high school. In an instant thousands of lives were destroyed, while the city’s buildings, books and paintings caught fire and burned.

Keiji Nakazawa Interview

Despite the atomic horror of radioactive death and the bitter struggle against society in collapse, the story of Gen is at its core a nzkazawa one. Kellen rated it it was amazing Oct 29, The story was later published in a collection of Nakazawa’s short stories by Holp Shuppan.

Usually in page installments. Is that how you always viewed the war, even when you were young? So I saved up my money from selling scrap metal and finally bought my own copy. Keiji is standing by a pond and wishing he had been born in a better time.

Novan Indra rated it it was amazing Jun 22, The stink of dead bodies was horrible. It was a baby. Everyone had their hands full trying to survive.


He later expanded his story kriji the semi-fictional Barefoot Gen series. Readers are aware that Gen is nakazwwa autobiographical, based on your own experiences growing up in wartime and postwar Hiroshima and your direct experience with the atomic bomb. Was that what you call justice?

Keiji moved to Tokyo to begin his career as a manga artist. No, none whatsoever; it was just the whim of the new editor. Barefoot Gen is a powerful work about the horrific toll of war on people. Her hair was all burned, her face and skin were black, and she was staring straight at me.

Rachel rated it really liked it Jan 26, In SeptemberNakazawa was diagnosed with lung cancer and in Julymetastasis from lung cancer was found. Can you tell us about your childhood before the bomb?

And if not, where did you get the idea from?

How do you think cartoonists should respond to the problems we face in the world today? She could still hear the cries of my brother and father from inside the flames as she was pulled away. Their skin was burned completely black.

I Saw It: The Atomic Bombing of Hiroshima, a Survivor’s True Story

Nakazawa writes about his survival and hardships, but also about those of his family and the boarder community. He was an artist, and a real eccentric. By using this site, you agree to the Saa of Use and Privacy Policy. They went out of business, so next Gen moved to another monthly, Bunka Hyoron [Cultural Criticism], where it appeared for three and a half years. The big publishers turned it down.


I Saw It: The Atomic Bombing of Hiroshima, a Survivor’s True Story by Keiji Nakazawa

Nskazawa Gen Barefoot Gen 2. Right about then I noticed that the back of my head and neck felt really itchy.

His name was Tadasu Nagano. People were fleeing the epicenter. Keiji’s brother, Shoji, left during a group evacuation, keeping in touch through letters. The only things moving over the ruins were flies.

Is there any truth to that? Kuroi Ame ni Utarete Struck by Black Rainthe first of a series of five books, was a fictional story of Hiroshima survivors involved in the postwar black market. When those series ended, I started working as an assistant for Naoki Tsuji, who was a very popular cartoonist. Keiji Nakazawa died on December 19, of lung cancer at the age of 73.

They held him in the Hiroshima Prefectural Prison. Gen has also been turned into several films over the years, including a three-part live-action series and a two-part full-length anime. Yeah, around pages.