Jatropha mollissima är en törelväxtart som först beskrevs av Johann Baptist Emanuel Jatropha mollissima ingår i släktet Jatropha och familjen törelväxter. Rese arch Articl e Aqueous Leaf Extract of Jatropha mollissima (Pohl) Bail Decreases Local Effects Induced by Bothropic Venom Jacyra. Biomed Res Int. ; Epub Oct Aqueous Leaf Extract of Jatropha mollissima (Pohl) Bail Decreases Local Effects Induced by Bothropic.

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All the signals present in Table 1 are in full agreement with the previous published data. To confirm jatdopha assumption, the isolation of these compounds is currently underway in our group. Pax Jatropha integerrima Jacq.

Jatropha mollissima (Pohl) Baill. | Plants of the World Online | Kew Science

Table of Contents Alerts. In the acute inflammatory response, there is a predominant accumulation of jatripha. These flavonoids have been described in the literature for this species and some others of the Jatropha genus [ 1635 — 37 ].

Another group that received i. Flora of China [on-line].

Therefore, it can be suggested that the J. Considering the preferential fragmentation at the C -6 position, chromatographic signal 1 corresponded to the isoschaftoside flavonoid and chromatographic signal 2 corresponded to the schaftoside flavonoid.

The inflammatory reaction induced by the snake venoms contributes to further development of muscle damage [ 6263 ]. An teksto in available ha ilarom han Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License ; kadugangan nga terms in puyde mag-apply. The group in which animals received s. The mass spectrometer source parameters were set as follows: Thus, the search for alternative therapies to treat snakebites is relevant. Additionally, the action of the extract on the indirect myotoxic action of SVMPs could be supported since the extract also presented an antihemorrhagic effect.

Webster Jatropha melanosperma Pax Jatropha microdonta Radcl.

The electrospray ionization ESI source was operated in the positive and negative ionization mode. This plant is endemic in the semiarid region of Northeastern Brazil. Bothrops envenomation causes mainly immediate local tissue damage including pain, edema, local hemorrhage, and myonecrosis and systemic effects cardiovascular alterations, coagulation, and renal alterations [ 910 ].


Angiosperm Phylogeny Website ang. W innych projektach Wikimedia Commons Wikispecies. To receive news and publication updates for BioMed Research International, enter your email address in the box below. Jatropha mutabilis Pohl Baill. This result can be seen with the decrease in hemorrhagic halo weight and with the visual decreased halo diameter, in each dose tested. These metalloproteases were also responsible for the activation of the complement system, resulting in an increase in the cell migration [ 5556 ].

BioMed Research International

The group with the injected venoms showed an increase in the number of white cells compared to the control PBS group count. On the other hand, for B. Furthermore, a possible inhibition of the direct action of PLA 2 could be suggested in addition to this anti-inflammatory effect.

These results demonstrate that J. Dexamethasone inhibits the PLA mollissim and, consequently, there is a decrease in the production of the products derived from the arachidonic acid, which is generated by the cyclooxygenase and the lipoxygenase route [ 49 ]. Moreover, accidents mollissimma by snakes are considered a neglected disease mainly in Africa, Latin America, Asia, and Oceania [ 12 ].

The edematogenic activity of B. This variation is due to factors such as diet, age, seasonal variation, sexual dimorphism, and geographical origin, which occurs within the species, interfamily, intergenus, interspecies, intersubspecies, and intraspecies [ 56 ].

Jatrofa – Wikipedia, wolna encyklopedia

Webster Jatropha multifida L. Previous studies show that dexamethasone decreased the acute inflammatory response induced by the Bothrops moojeni in mice because of its ability to decrease the formation of eicosanoids in the presence of the venom [ 4950 ]. Phytochemical Analysis of the Aqueous Extract of J. Figures 5 a and 5 b show the total number of leukocytes in the peritoneal cavity of the animals treated with the J. Torres Jatropha obbiadensis Chiov.


The specific treatment consists of antivenom serum therapy, which has some limitations such as inability to neutralize local effects, difficult access in some regions, risk of immunological reactions, and high cost. So, this result could indicate an inhibitory action upon the SVMP action. Master of English Education, University of Georgia for editing this manuscript. Damage to the muscle tissue myonecrosis is a serious local effect of the bothropic envenomation, since it can lead to permanent loss of tissue, disability, and even amputation [ 5960 ].

The authors declare that there is no actual or potential conflict of interests including any financial, personal, or other relationships with other people or organizations. The data were processed through Bruker Compass Data Analysis 4. Jatropha purpurea Rose Jatropha ribifolia Pohl Baill. Ruppelt Pereira, and N. Four compounds were identified as isoorientin peak 3orientin peak 4vitexin peak 5and isovitexin peak 6.

Maximum inhibition for dexamethasone was SVMPs can lead to myotoxicity by an indirect action, due to the ischemia caused by the vascular disorders resulting from hemorrhagic action, which can lead to muscle necrosis and the consequent release of CK [ 461 ]. After total dissolution and prior to analysis, the samples and solvents were filtered through a 0.

mo,lissima Snakebites are a serious worldwide public health problem. High Performance Liquid Chromatography with Diode Array Detection analysis and Mass Spectrometry analysis of aqueous leaf extract confirmed the presence of the flavonoids isoschaftoside, schaftoside, isoorientin, orientin, vitexin, and isovitexin.

The final concentration of the extract was 2. On the day of the experiment, the animals were placed in the experimental room for at least one hour prior to tests, for acclimation. Administration of the antivenom may prevent death but does not prevent local tissue damage and jatopha disabilities.

Materials and Methods 2.