I really have reservations partaking in this thread. This post is going to appear as fanning the flames, but it’s not done with any ill motive behind. Summary of James16’s chart thread. Posted on July 27, by lowcheemeng. Uses his indicators as support and resistance levels in order to see the big. The forexfactory James 16 thread is pretty legendary. But the thing is + pages. Worth reading? There’s like a 2 page pdf summary out there.

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Again, it comes off as if you’re trying very hard to convince both your teachers and your clients that you’re not profiting handsomely from your site. August 6, at There is a “mystique” surrounding Forex trading. This data can then be analyzed and used to hone business strategy, provide greater precision in your communications, and more efficiently service customers. And why do they never show live trades? I haven’t seen any of their trading techniques but from what I’ve seen from other traders, it seems like they are pretty smart.

Summary of James16’s chart thread. | cheemeng’s Blog

All you have to do is wait for the good setups. When he uses fibs and pivots, he puts them on the chart and labels them with text.

It’s obvious you run a highly profitable commercial mentoring service. I encourage you hhread to read this thread from beginning to end. How to spot this pattern: We don’t need to hear about your wife, or the tears running down your face while holding your child upon reading the mean internet forum post someone wrote about you. I’m sure you would pay it in a heartbeat.


I don’t know of any “hobbies” that are that profitable. July 22, at Different timezones mean that a candle can look like a pinbar on one chart, and a doji on another. I know I am going to catch he!!

james16 – worth reading? : Forex

To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: Place you stop loss pips below the low of the 2nd candlestick in the pattern. Definitely read the free chart thread on the public forum first. As Andy said above, read the public side first twice if you need to. I am clockwork71 Chrisa Senior Member of the James16 group. Posted in Complex Swing Strategies.

FWIW I started to get v. If the high or low is broken, it means the resumption of the current trend.

Wow what a long crazy couple of months. Doing that and do successfully it’s one of the keys of make money in Forex. Imagine what it does with ja,es16 larger amount of money. No Promotional Activity Content marketing is not allowed.

Live discussion

Thanks for the great info. I believe James says so himself in james1 clear terms over and over again in the threads. For example, he just: Quality rebutall versus trading gurus such as James 16 For new people like I was once, what do you guys recommend to get a good head start in this biz, pls dont’ tell me to use google or buy some books, I’m not a very smart guy, I like to be shown by human beings, peopel I can ask and get feedback from, is there anyone around that is not a scam in your eyes, if so, pls point me to them, I’d luv to add to my trading knowledge, and the new people coming here can also have options where to learn.


You have to trade the pin bar in the opposite direction the spiky tail also known as the shadow is pointing. It was a real pleasure to read it, very well done! CT trading is just stupid and a good mames16 to blow out a account. Thus, you will need to learn what a valid pin bar setup looks like, as well as when and how to trade them. When I follow the money and it is telling me a different story than what he is saying. Please do not ask for trading advice.

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