HUBUD LUBUD DRILL 1 Quiz: Restricted Access. Please sign up for the course before taking this Quiz. HAMMERING WINGS · HUBUD LUBUD DRILL 2. This DVD goes into this Filipino empty-hand drill in detail. Contents include; Defining the Kali lubud/hubud drill, hammer/overhand cycle breakdown. Panantukan Filipino Boxing – Lesson 2 – Hubud Lubud – YouTube.

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Great honest post David.

Chi sau and Hubud Lubud….

Just enter your name and email below:. Do you already have an account? Very limited stuff – again the drill may not have much to offer at that limited point. I have done a lot of both At the time I felt they were beneficial. I would think if chi sao were more effective in self-defense, the military would train in it. In most chisau movies the opponent does not really resist. So can a person learn something from sensitivity drills?

Personally Oubud feel hubud has more to offer than does chisao.

And I have controlled his arm all the way in as I close the lubd. You may be nice and direct and land a killing blow with your knife, but if he has managed to stab you in the gut in the process then you didn’t really win. Perceiving Hubud to be just a “drill” rather than a minor sub-system unto itself.


You really hit the nail on the head. So if I do Pak – Tun – Pak left, right, left Not integrating Hubud with other existing abilities. To not understand and apply “quadrant play” to hubud training: The same with trainig. Yes, my password is: Sent from my Lumia using Board Express. When i was a police officer, we were taught handcuffing techniques. Your static and ballistic skills will be greatly enhanced through this advanced training mentality which hubud supplies.

I have had a couple of students come to my class with WC backgrounds and they have had good sensitivity and a almost hardwired trapping system that doesn’t take into account weapons.

Share This Page Tweet. That’s going to require I take a pretty big step! There is the long range version too. Your user name or email address: To miss the double tap connection: This goes back to my previous post on repetitions. Blog Categories Awareness B. If you are in close with a knife, you want to bring your knife on target.

There is the initial deflection startle responsefollowed then by the “carry” done with the back of the hand, next comes the slap or lift to trap immobilize the arm and last is the finishing blow. Especially inthe real world of self defense. Seminar hubud is the most commonly seen version of hubud that people are aware of.


But bad habits, can be much hjbud difficult to break. As a result I didn’t find a continuance in the simplification process of Martial Art that I was seeking.

Without that critical understanding and the proper energy hubuf the drill makes no sense. March 25, at You never see him punching like a boxer. In that sense, I think WC is still well suited to dealing with an earnest attacker. I have seen boxers also using a lot of low bong sau.

Does Sensitivity Training Work? |

Yeah I know, it all sounds sort of iffy eh? I liked the flow of his P. March 25, at 3: I learned concepts from the drills, honed techniques, and eventually applied some of them in sparring. What is called seminar hubud is the medio range application.