S1. Scope and Purpose. This standard specifies requirements for vehicle door locks and door retention components, including latches, hinges, and other. COMPARISON BETWEEN FMVSS No. and ECE R DOOR. COMPONENT . U.S. – FMVSS Differences in ECE R Comments. A. Application. 1. Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard No. National Highway Traffic Safety Administration FMVSS Door locks and door retention components.

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49 CFR 571.206 – Standard No. 206; Door locks and door retention components.

These comments will aid the Agency in setting research priorities as well as inform its subsequent actions to lay a path for innovative vehicle designs and technologies that feature ADSs. Motor staandard operating such vehicles in interstate commerce would be required to maintain the speed limiting devices for the service life of the vehicle. This new standard requires hybrid and electric passenger cars, light trucks and vans LTVsand low speed vehicles LSVs to produce sounds meeting the requirements of this standard.

Applicable only to back doors that fmvsss in a vertical direction. In addition, to the extent warranted under the National Traffic and Motor Vehicle Safety Standwrd, establishing advanced glazing standards for the side and rear portals of the subject buses would fulfill a statutory provision of the Motorcoach Enhanced Standars Act of incorporated and passed as part of the Moving Ahead for Progress in the 21st Century Act.

NHTSA believes that V2V stadard will not develop absent regulation, because there would not be any immediate safety benefits for consumers who are early adopters of V2V. As required by Section of the Regulatory Flexibility Act, we are attempting to identify rules that may have a significant economic impact on a substantial number of small entities.

For test purposes, the load is to be applied through the centerline of the hinge pin, and as specified in S4.

By initiating rulemaking to consider enhancing related safety standards, this notice grants the part of the petition for rulemaking submitted by Ms. F Vertical Setup 2 applicable only to back doors that open in a vertical direction. Satndard and the Auto Alliance Alliance. The demonstration may be performed either in the vehicle or with the door retention components in a bench test fixture.


These products have been either tested or certified as complying with the standard. The performance requirements would also ensure that seats and overhead luggage racks remain secured and window glazing attached to its mounting during and after a rollover crash, and would ensure that emergency exits remain closed during the rollover crash and operable after the crash. United States Code U.

Side Rear Door is a door that, in a side view, has 50 percent or more of its opening area to the rear of the rearmost point on the driver ‘s seat back, when the driver ‘s seat is adjusted to its most vertical and rearward position.

This NPRM proposes rulemaking on these and other requirements to increase the correct use of child restraint anchorage systems and tether anchorages, and the correct use of child restraints, with the ultimate goal of reducing injuries to restrained children in motor vehicle crashes.

The petitioners request that NHTSA require underride guards on vehicles not currently required by the FMVSSs to have guards, notably, single unit trucks, and improve the standards’ requirements for all guards, including guards now required for heavy trailers and semitrailers.

These amendments will restore the side marker photometry requirements for motor vehicles under thirty feet in length that were in place prior to the final rule that reorganized the standard.

C Transverse Setup 1. The requirements apply to all side and back doors, that lead directly into a compartment that contains one or more seating accommodations and the associated door components, except for those on folding doors, stadnard doors, detachable doors, bus doors used only for emergency egress purposes and labeled accordingly and on bus doors to accommodate a permanently attached wheelchair lift system that when the device is in the retracted position, the lift platform retracts to a vertical orientation parallel to and in close proximity sfandard the interior surface of the lift door and in that position, the platform completely covers the doorway opening, has fixed attachments to the vehicle and provides stndard barricade to the doorway.

The initial compliance date is September 1,with full phase in by September 1, Thompson requested we stadnard the activation process for red and amber signal warning lamps on school buses to require a new intermediate step during which both colors are activated simultaneously and flash in an alternating pattern and that we decouple the process by which lamps transition to the red-only configuration from the opening of the bus entrance door.


The Agency also seeks comments from road users, including vehicle drivers and passengers, cyclists and pedestrians.

The absence of manual driving controls, and thus of a human driver, poses potential barriers to testing, compliance certification and compliance verification. The data available to the agency shows there is a great deal of uncertainty surrounding the actual number of occupants that may have died due solely to drowning while trapped in an immersed vehicle.

The effective date of the final rule published at 81 FRDecember 14,is delayed until March 21, You should submit comments early enough to ensure that Docket Management receives them not later than July 30, NHTSA has granted Toyota’s petition and proposes to establish appropriate performance requirements to ensure the safe introduction of adaptive driving beam headlighting systems if equipped on newly manufactured vehicles.

The test setup is shown in Figure Orient the door subsystem s on the acceleration device in the direction of a driver -side impact.

FMVSS and EEC INTEREUROPE Standards | TriMark Corporation

We propose that the compliance date for the amendments in this rulemaking action would be three years following the date of publication of the final rule in the Federal Register. National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

Without a mandate to require and standardize V2V communications, the agency believes that manufacturers will not be able to move forward in an efficient way and that a critical mass of equipped vehicles would take many years to develop, if ever.

The incorporation by reference of certain publications listed in the proposed stanadrd is approved by the Director of the Federal Register as of May 22, Check-in through security will begin at 9 a. Performance requirements would apply to side and rear windows, and to glass panels and windows on the roof to fmvsss partial and complete ejection of passengers from these windows and to ensure that emergency exits remain operable after a rollover crash.