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Display Basically, the temperature range that can be measured is determined by the temperature sensor to be used.

Use the specified compensating conductors for thermocouples. Refer to page 9. Integral Time Reset Time: The terminal block of the Temperature Controller is constructed so that the lead wires can be connected to all the terminals from the same direction.

Omron E5ax-ah E5AXAH Temperature Controller C

Alarm modes, listed in the following table, can be selected using this switch. When using a thermocouple as the temperature sensor, attach the short-circuit bar shown in the terminal block diagram on the housing. ON Sends alarm signal in accordance with the set alarm mode. Successively decreases the value when held down.

Usually, the alarm value is set as a deviation from the main setting, but it can also be set as an absolute value when the event alarm mode is selected. The new value will be displayed on the SV display. Manual Output Mode Indicator Lights when in manual output mode. Displayed temperature 0 without shift Lower setting limit Press a. Always switch to the manual output mode before changing the proportional band.


E5zx Time Rate Omorn Always set the following parameters when installing the controller. Alarm Indicator Lights when the alarm output is ON. Solder-dipped Leads Strip 6 to 12 mm of the lead wires ee5ax carefully arrange the wire tips.

Press the Display Key to return to sl—l. The balanceless-bumpless function omrron operate to prevent the output from changing abruptly.

OMRON E5AX-LA — Hy-Tech Sales, Inc.

Use lead wires having a small resistance for temperature eax thermometers. Moreover, avoid locations subject to heavy vibration or shock, water or oil spray, or high temperatures.

RS and terminals are shown.

Input shift value — fr—l Count value Fully closed position Press a. Four internal switches must be set on the E5AX: Alarm Mode Selector SW Simultaneously press the Up and Down Keys for at least one second.

The figures show the locations of these switches and the protection switches on the internal mechanisms.

Select this function by pressing the Display Key three times in display level 0. Attach the proper stickers to the front panel as shown below. To convert millimeters into inches, multiply by 0. Outputs the temperature data within the set limits. The following table shows the messages that may be displayed: High precision regardless omro the set temperature.



Note 3 al 0 Alarm value Press a. The platinum resistance thermometer has burned out or A and B terminals have been short-circuited. Do not install the Temperature Controller in a location exposed to excessive dust or corrosive gases. This DIP switch selects the operation modes listed moron the following table. Automatic tuning can be executed at any time: This is the initial mode when power is turned on for the first time.

Omron E5ax-ah E5AXAH Temperature Controller C | eBay

Press the Display Key as soon as the valve stops by the limit switch built into the motor. It can be set in a range from 0 to 3, seconds in units of 1 second.

Hold down the Level Key again for 2 seconds minimum to display o on the PV display. Process value a 0 Note 2 Valve travel Press a. Turn on power and press the Level Key for at least two seconds.

Proportional alarm output is OFF, however. Valve Travel The value travel omrron be monitored. Then, selected input sensor, and alarm modes can be monitored each time the Display Key is pressed.