Kiev-Nizhin: Lysenko, – p.; Zhizhko E. Development of professional Constitución de la República Bolivariana de Venezuela, outside urban. Venezuela officially the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela is a country on the northern coast of For the – period the number of seats is ” Constitución de la República Bolivariana de Venezuela” (PDF). Ministry of Education. Act of October 6 of , in force since October the 17 of , that modifies legislation on Maternity .. República Bolivariana de

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They spun vegetable fibers to weave into textiles and mats for housing. Culturally, English is common in southern towns like El Callaofor the English-speaking native influence evident in folk songs and calypso Venezuelan and French with English voices.

Maduro said that “the Amnesty law approved by the Parliament will not be executed” and asked the Supreme Court to declare it unconstitutional before the law was known.

Retrieved 17 January To the south, the dissected Guiana Highlands contain the venezula fringes of the Amazon Basin and Angel Fonstitucionthe world’s highest waterfall, as well as tepuislarge table-like mountains. Animals of Venezuela are diverse and include manateesthree-toed slothtwo-toed slothAmazon river dolphinsand Orinoco crocodileswhich have been reported to reach up to 6. Some of the resisting tribes or leaders are commemorated in place names, including Caracas, Chacao and Los Teques.

However, many major government and military officials have been known for their involvement with drug trafficking; especially with the October incident of men from the Venezuelan National Guard placing 1. In case of illness derived from pregnancy, the woman may enjoy a further paid prenatal leave and its extent will be settled dw the institutions that provide her medical with health-care. The Spanish influence was predominant due to the colonization process and the socioeconomic structure it created and in particular came from the regions of Andalusia and Extremadura, the places of origin of most settlers in the Caribbean during the colonial era.


Costa Rica – Maternity protection – 2011

The s oil glut led to an external debt crisis and a long-running economic crisis. Views Read Edit View history. English was brought by Holivariana and other British West Indies immigrants. A man who adopts a child under three years of age shall be entitled with paternity leave for fourteen continuous days.

The new democratic order had its antagonists. Labour Code, Decree Law No. Acculturation and assimilation, typical of a cultural syncretism, caused an arrival at the current Venezuelan culture, similar in many respects to the rest of Latin America, although the natural environment means that there are important differences.

For example, from United States comes the influence of taste for baseball, US-style fast food, and current architectural constructions.

Establishments with 20 or more women workers shall have an adjoining and independent room of the workplace where woman workers may go to breastfeed children younger than two years and leave these children while they are at work.

The employer bolivraiana comply with the principle of equal remuneration for men and women who do the same job.

Chile – Maternity protection – 2011

Retrieved 22 May From Wealth to Power. Relevant discussion may be found on the talk page.

Inafter years of diplomatic attempts to solve the border dispute, the dispute over the Essequibo River border flared up. A Century of Change. Medical certificate is needed and has to be issued by the doctor having responsibility bolibariana the care of the child. Regarding fathers, the norm creating the paternity leave only mentions fathers without further details. Morales clarified that each power must be independent adding that “one thing is separation of powers and another one is division”.


It is only expressly provided for fathers in case of serious illness of a child or serious health complications of the mother, in these cases the fathers are entitled to fourteen 14 continuous paid days in addition to the paternity leave.

Labour Code Qualifying conditions To be entitled to these benefits, a worker shall have been affiliated for not less than six months and have paid contributions for not less than three months in the six months preceding the starting date of the corresponding medical leave.

TSJ anula Ley que limita sueldos de altos funcionarios del Estado – Efecto Cocuyo

Covering 32, square miles 82, square kilometresthe area is off-limits to farmers, miners, and all non-Yanomami settlers. Qualifying conditions There are not qualifying conditions in order to be entitled with maternity leave.

All matters relating to the welfare and social security and members of the National Armed Forces will continue to be governed boligariana special laws. Venezuela borders Colombia to the west, Guyana to the east, and Brazil to the south.

The members of constithcion cooperatives as well as employees of trade unions are also covered by this Social Security norm. Nursing breaks will be calculated as hours worked.

Th worker is entitled to a maternity leave of 18 weeks 6 weeks before and 12 weeks after confinement