Confessions of an Antinatalist. Publisher: Nine Banded Books. Author: Jim Crawford. Release Date: Out Now! Price: $ U.S. Shipping: Jim Crawford – Confessions of an Antinatalist – Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online. A review of Confessions of an Antinatalist by Jim Crawford, a memoir-cum- manifesto explaining why human life should not exist.

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We are no one to deny that opportunity, and thus again, we are at a wash vis-a-vis the nonexistent. If there is nothing special about humans, then there is no logical reason to prefer they do not suffer, versus preferring, say, asteroids are not destroyed.

That is the GIFT of life… experience. Which makes me wonder if that was the agenda all along… hmmm… Honestly, to settle this we would have to get into the nitty gritty of the fundamental assumptions being made on all sides, which might take a while to discover.

Childhood sucks and Confessions of an Antinatalist

How can one act morally toward someone who does not exist? No trivia or quizzes yet. Knowing antinatailst, and understanding full well that any particular life embodies the potential for experiencing extreme pain and unhappiness — unceasing in some cases — is procreation really worth the risk?

Sarra rated it really liked it Nov 18, But I exist and hence experience deprivation and the need for excitement; if I had never existed, I would not have had that problem, and not giving a shit about football would have absolutely no negative effects for me.

He talks about the illusion of purpose and meaning of life The book is an call for human being to stop procreating in aantinatalist to end the endless suffering that is life as by antinaatalist no one will be left to suffer. Moral decision making often takes into account future conditions—but only for beings that can be assumed to exist at that future time. Neither do we know in advance how much a particular being will be happy. I meant that we assign humans with inherent value. As far as blind faith is concerned, yes a blind humanist value of human life, and a blind theist value of God are equally legitimate.


She is a liar, a snakeoil peddler bartering chimera for generative fluid, which she sucks out of us before casting our withered husks onto the fire. Why MUST they be? We know countless examples of people with what seem to most of us as hopeless handicaps, and yet the fact that they are not suicidal is proof enough that they prefer existence to non-existence.

So that makes sense—black and white. What am I missing? I thank my lucky stars that my Parents had me. You know, the ones that occasionally go into remission — in every country of the world, regardless of religious faith and regardless of whether there was prayer associated or not.

Moreover, would I have preferred to be born in this country? Please mark your calendars.

Confessions of an Antinatalist by Jim Crawford

Turns out, they can only decide once they are alive. Aug 25, Bhargava Anusuri rated it it was amazing. That is, joy is often associative with higher brain function. I’ve always maintained that all atheists are by necessity nihilists. Taf Mupfumi rated it really liked it Apr 17, And Confessions of an Antinatalist dares them to come up with answers they can stand by in good conscience.

Too much time in webland. Finally, at some point, religion stopped making sense, and he acknowledged his default status as aj atheist. Two things, however, are certain.

Why not focus only on pleasure, and come to the exact opposite conclusion? You should therefore complete the logical application and define the second term in the statement in a uniform way as well. We can all decide a base value, and decide individual values, but those are all assigned, not inherent.


I am assuming that both are equally relevant as far as logic is concerned, but you seem confessins indicate that only one is.

Then how antinataljst it our place to condemn that person to non-existence? Evolution dictates that the more successful and intelligent creatures suffer much less than the less intelligent creatures and they out-survive the less successful creatures.

However, as TOG shows, religionists as confeswions whole tend to be more irresponsible that those without much religion. Suffering is both a physical and mental state. In order to be consistent, one must account for both pleasure and pain, not just one or the other. This site uses cookies.

Confessions of an Antinatalist | Counter-Currents Publishing

Mailing List If you want to be reminded when new books or reprints are available, please leave us your email address below. Imagine that society consisted, for the most part, of one-legged slaves who were fed bread crumbs every day while laboring under the yoke of a sadistic task master until they keeled over at age I still have my brain, I still have the joy of intellectual processing, I can still have a conversation, I still eat food that tastes confessione, I still see an enjoy the beautify of a chatoyant butterfly confeesions around me.

You might like him.

And what we see is people embracing life, for the most part. The language is splendid. And we rot, sometimes mourned for a season, but presently forgotten.

Confessions of an Antinatalist

Be the first to ask a question about Confessions of an Antinatalist. So again, as far as a decision vis-a-vis the future person is concerned, it is a wash. That you chose not to believe what I say does not mean that I chose to ignore the burden of proof.