ColReg: You Will Find Full Explanation Of The Rules, Supported With Pictures, 3d Models, Sounds And Videos To Help Future Seafarers. ANNEX Definition. The term height above the hull means height above the uppermost continuous deck. This height shall be measured from the position vertically. The International Regulations for Preventing Collisions at Sea (COLREGs) are published (d) The additional signals described in Annex II to these Regulations apply to a vessel engaged in fishing in close proximity to other vessels.

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-&nbspotenmaritime Resources and Information.

Retrieved 6 June When however a masthead light is carried in addition to sidelights and a sternlight, then such masthead light or all-round light shall be carried at least 1 meter higher than the sidelights.

Shapes coleegs Shapes shall be black and of the following sizes: Rule 10 states that ships crossing traffic lanes are required to do so “as nearly as practicable at right angles to the general direction of traffic flow.

Rule 26 covers qnnexes requirements for fishing vessels.

Bill of lading Charter-party. There are also four Annexes containing technical requirements concerning lights and shapes and their positioning; sound signalling appliances; additional signals for aannexes vessels when operating in close proximity, and international distress signals. If there is any doubt such risk shall be deemed to exist. This height shall be measured from the position vertically beneath anndxes location of the light. Rule 19 Conduct of vessels in restricted visibility.

A commonly held misconception concerning the rules of marine navigation is that by following specific rules, a vessel can gain certain rights of way over other vessels. Admiralty court Vice admiralty court. In a vessel meters or more annxes length the bell shall be sounded in the forepart of the vessel and immediately after the ringing of the bell the gong shall be sounded rapidly for about 5 seconds in the after part of the vessel.


Please improve the article or discuss this issue on the talk page. The sound pressure level at any other direction in the horizontal plane shall be not more than 10 dB below the prescribed sound pressure level on the axis, so that the range in any direction shall be at least half the range on the forward axis.

Convention on the International Regulations for Preventing Collisions at Sea, 1972 (COLREGs)

The Rule also forbids ships to cross a narrow channel or fairway “if such crossing impedes the passage of a vessel which can safely navigate only within such channel or fairway. The lights shall be visible all around the horizon at a distance of at least 1 mile but at a lesser distance than the lights prescribed by these Rules for fishing vessels.

Where it is impracticable for a seaplane or a WIG craft to exhibit lights and shapes of the characteristics or in the positions prescribed in the Rules of this Part she shall exhibit lights and shapes as closely similar in characteristics and position as is possible. If in doubt she may sound the signals prescribed in Rule 34 d.

Annex IV – Distress signals, which lists the signals indicating colergs and need of assistance.

When a directional whistle is to be used as the only whistle on a vessel, it shall be installed with its maximum intensity directed straight ahead. All possible measures shall be taken to indicate the nature of the relationship between the towing vessel and the vessel being towed as authorized by Rule 36, in particular by illuminating the towline.

On vessels of less than 20 meters in length the sidelights, if necessary to meet the requirements of Section 9 of this Annex, shall be fitted with inboard matt black screens. The sound pressure level shall be measured in that one-third octave band which determines the audibility range. Such signal shall be answered with a prolonged blast by any approaching vessel that may be within hearing around the bend or behind the intervening obstruction.


Please help improve it or discuss these issues on the talk page. On a vessel where only one masthead light is carried the maneuvering light, if fitted, shall be carried where it can best be seen, not less than 2 meters vertically apart from the masthead light. Rule 22 covers visibility of lights – indicating that lights should be visible at minimum ranges in nautical miles determined according to the type of vessel.

With a combined lantern, using a single vertical filament and a very narrow division between the red and green sections, external screens need not be fitted. Part C Lights and Shapes Rules Rule 20 states rules concerning lights apply from sunset to sunrise. Rule 24 Towing and Pushing a A power driven vessel when towing shall exhibit: The resulting rules were adopted in and effected in See the talk page for details.

Rule 29 covers light requirements for pilot vessels.

Inthe Articles were supplemented with whistle signals and in a new set of international regulations was implemented. Rule 28 covers light requirements for vessels constrained by their draught. Vessels engaged in fishing with purse seine gear may exhibit two yellow lights in a vertical line.

Rule 3 includes definitions. To ensure a wide variety of whistle characteristics, the fundamental frequency of a whistle shall be between the following limits:.