Remembering the guru: Chattampi Swami’s walking stick, drum and mala on display next to his statue at his samadhi shrine in Panmana. Chattampi Swami () was the harbinger of renaissance and reformation in Kerala. His thoughts and work influenced the launching of many social. Sri Chattampi Swamikal (–) was a Hindu sage and social reformer. His thoughts and work influenced the launching of many social.

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Swamikal quoting from an old commentary on the Brahadaranya Upanishad, still unpublished, explained that when the tips of the forefinger and index finger touch together a vibratory energy would be produced, and it would flow up to the Sahasrara Padma of the aspirant elevating him to a higher stage of consciousness.

He returned to Kerala as a great scholar and saint. He worked as a casual labourer and carried headloads of bricks and mortar for the construction of the Secretariat building in Thiruvananthapuram.

The Spheres of their activities are, by and large, confined to particular regions. Swami Vivekananda had at last seen a Kerala Prathibha genius. His mortal body was laid to rest at the place he had already selected for it. His Way of Life He lived a life of austere simplicity.

The Christumatha Saram is his summary of what Christianity is, in accordance with the classical Indian Purva paksha tradition. He always extended his hands to those below him to raise them up.

Your email address will not be published. The Journey of a Master: They raise the moral and spiritual standards of the society they live in.

A particular dance-drama of Kerala. Later Swamikal took Asan to his guru, Ayyavu Chhattampi. Chattampi Swamikal denounced the orthodox interpretation of Hindu texts citing sources from the Vedas. A spiritual swsmi a part of the Veda which aims at reaching the Ultimate Unity by integrating the opposites.



Mastering this mantra gave him a new vigour cbattampi zeal and he assumed the name Shanmukhadasa due to his deep devotion of Subramanya. They lived and travelled for many months together. Swami Chinmayananda, [17] Swami Abedananda, [18] and many other saints ascribes to Swami the responsibility for their turning to spiritual life. A starving cgattampi had to be given victuals rather than knowledge for sustenance. All these disciples and devotees of Swamikal made significant contribution to social and spiritual regeneration of the people of Kerala.

Cyattampi Man of Miracles The spiritual and mystical powers that Chattampi Swamikal had acquired were innumerable. My library Help Advanced Book Search. His Yoga Siddhi had given him the power of prophecy. My homage at the altar of this Majesty of knowledge.

It is for us to make available knowledge of their life and ideas prevalent in one region to others also, across the barrier of language and time. He got the job of an Accountant in Government service.

His thoughts chattampj work influenced the launching of many social, religious, literary and political organisations and movements in Kerala and for the first time gave voice to those who were marginalised.

Chattampi Swami: An Intellectual Biography – R. Raman Nair, L. Sulochana Devi – Google Books

He used to remind his disciples that all the ills that the flesh is destined to endure have to be endured before the soul would secure its release. Gopinatha Pillai Sarvajnanum Sadguruvum. He shared his food with ants, cats and dogs. Finally, cgattampi this all, he joined an organisation where religious topics were discussed and music lessons were imparted.

Sree Chattampi Swamikal has been one of the constant altars at which I have surrendered and invoked endless streams of power and strength. Chattampi Swami was born on 25 August at Kollur in southern Travancore. He stayed and dined with untouchables inviting the wrath of his own orthodox community.


He travelled miles and miles on foot in search of knowledge, and when he acquired it, he wandered again as the inspirer of people. They spoke in Sanskrit. When their Prarabdha Karmas are over, they cast off their bodies, and the Jeevan dissolves in the Absolute Brahman. Swami Vivekananda was very much impressed by this exposition and wished to have spiritual discussion with swamikal the next day also.

Documenting the aspects neglected by earlier biographers the authors make a remarkable contribution to our understanding of the man behind the myth. Hundreds of people used to visit him to have his darshan and seek his advice and blessings.

Chattampi Swamikal throughout his intellectually and spiritually enriched life maintained a large number of friends from different regions of Kerala. Quilon, Sadabdha Smaraka Grantham. His vision of unity Samadarsana was the outcome of his vedantic conviction that Atman is Brahman, that each man is potentially divine and that all existence is one: He flitted from place to place like a carefree singing bird.

Life and work of Sri Chattampi Swamikal

Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. A yogic posture leading to spiritual attainment. He was a singer and composer. The path of Yoga-union with God. The Theertha order is the first in the Dasanami sannyasa order established by Adi Sankara.

Results of action in past lives. He used to receive them all with warmth. He swaji translated his work Nijananda Vilasam containing the cream of Vedanta into simple Malayalam to guide spiritual aspirants.