European regional assessment: Least Concern (LC) EU 27 regional assessment: Least Concern (LC) Calopteryx virgo is a common and widespread species in. Confined to southern half of Ireland. Adults fly during June and July. This and the Banded Demoiselle are the largest Irish damselfly species. The Beautiful. Calopteryx virgo virgo Trusted • Calopteryx virgo Trusted more taxon associations Calopteryx virgo britannica is a subspecies of the Beautiful Demoiselle.

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The water must not be nutrient rich eutrophic. If you have an image of similar quality that can be published under a suitable copyright licensebe sure to upload it, tag it, and nominate it. It is absent in areas corresponding to major cities or industrial centers completely, and even in capopteryx with strongly pronounced agricultural use it is to be found only rarely.

Beautiful demoiselle

The basal area of the wings is transparent, otherwise wings are uniformly colored. The larvae need the stems and leaves, especially in areas with stronger currents to hold on.

On the North African Mediterranean coast, its southern populations in Morocco and Algeria can be found.

Females fly over during the day, the waters in search of suitable nesting sites, the main activity of both sexes such as hunting, advertising, mating and egg laying occurs in the warm midday hours. In intensively used agricultural areas with a regular input of manure as fertilizer is a few meters birgo can prevent extensive or unmanaged riparian strips one Einschwemmung and thus act against eutrophication.


At the end of larval calotperyx, it comes to winter and the development until the following year with the metamorphosis to the imago completed univoltine development.

Articles with ‘species’ microformats Wikipedia articles with GND identifiers. This sensitivity dalopteryx it in water chemistry as a bioindicator for the assessment of water quality. Was able to detect in experiments that even larvae of the banded demoiselle, who had been removed completely. Even a partial thinning of trees and shrubs should be performed.

Beautiful Demoiselle (Calopteryx virgo) ·

This page was last edited on 21 Januaryat The last three segments of it are much brighter and are referred to as a “lantern” that will be presented. Especially when only a few males are present, the territorial defense is very aggressive, with a higher number of competing male aggression vurgo decreases significantly. They usually overwinter in mud or slime. This is mainly because they absorb the oxygen from the water inefficient.

Within the egg takes place, the embryonic development of the dragonfly. The thin-skinned, tracheogenic body attachments for oxygen uptaking from the water, under normal circumstances are still less sensitive to fluctuations in the oxygen supply.

You may do so in any reasonable manner, but not in any way that suggests the licensor endorses you or your use. In the northern part of their range, such as in Norway and Finland, it is also found near medium-sized rivers or even larger streams.

The newly hatched dragonflies spend after leaving the larval shell exuvia is the first time until full coloration in the vegetation surrounding the water body.


Permission Reusing this file. During the nesting above the water surface while the female is the male defended against other males.

The body length is variable and highly dependent on environmental conditions. The final stage Fstage larvae are 3. Klaus Sternberg, Rainer Buchenwald.

Beautiful demoiselle – Wikipedia

They feed primarily on insect larvae such as those of the black flies, midges, stoneflies and mayflies, as well as amphipods. According to this situation it is in Germany in the Red Data Book classified as endangered in some states it is even in vurgo of extinction. They can be found on submerged plants such as waterweed Elodea sp.

The algae is followed by weeds and ultimately a silting of water bodies.

caloptergx The habitat that the adults occupy, corresponds to the nearby larval habitat. This page was last edited on 19 Augustat View all coordinates using: The veralgten plants are not accepted by the females as oviposition sites. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

The female has dark brown iridescent wings, a white patch near the tip of the wings called a pseudopterostigma and a metallic green body with a bronze tip of the abdomen. The following 7 pages uses this file: The larvae are much more sensitive to changes in habitat than the banded demoiselle, especially to temperature fluctuations.