READ MANUAL FRST |. REAR DIFFERENTIAL & TRANSMISSION. FRONT DIFFERENTIAL. FRONT SUSPENSION. REAR SUSPENSION. A collection of current and discontinued instruction manuals for Schumacher RC Schumacher Bosscat Manual Schumacher Citroen ZX Rally Raid Manual. TEAM SCHUWAGNER RACING. PE Schumacher. INSTRUCTION. MANUAL The BOSSCAT is a true competition bred off road racer designed so that.

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But alas, that is another tale I also took a spare set of transmission plates and had them powdercoated orange, too.

Schumacher Instruction Manuals

I started with a brand new Bosscat body Schumacher still sells themand a plan – I wanted a tiger-striped Cat. I ran it like you see above for a bit, then decided to take it a few steps further.

So a few years ago I hit a few forums, and fell back in love with the Cat. The Schumacher instructions just seem to be lacking a bit The TopCat was interesting, in bosscaf the front shocks were inboard. I finally got moving on assembling the Tamiya DB01 Durga recently.

The 3 piece plastic covers and chassis design allow it to be really sealed up, which is crucial for all the slop I’ll be running this in. No doubt you’ll get plenty of money for it. Here are some pics of it, as given to me. I cleaned it up, and this is how it stands today.


U1292 Schumacher Bosscat Instruction Manual

Thus, I ended up with a few black overspray areas near the bottom Ode to the Schumacher Bosscat. The belt drive makes it a smooth accelerator, and pretty quiet too. So I went back to the stock black plates.

I serviced the diffs, put some new belts on the tranny, got new rubber shielded bearings all around, bosdcat new belt covers, and put hex screws in almost everywhere.

Bsoscat, schumacher is based in the UK, but also seems to have a strong presence in Australia.

Did you paint the tiger style body yourself? Actually, I have no idea how horrific or dominant their manuao was, but I think they were pretty darn good, so just play along with me. And by overkill, I don’t mean that I don’t want speed.

Schumacher Bosscat Manual

Friends don’t let friends drive brushless vintage buggies. MOre pics too, of course. However, I do prefer the plastic telescoping drive shafts on the Bosscat compared to the dog bones on the Durga. Maybe I’m lazy like that. The result was that the tranny plates weren’t a good fit, and the rear upper arm mount would not fit over them. Here are a few more pics of the bosscat, as it arrived to me.

Got any pic of the worn CVD little end thing?! I ran with the MM for a while, and just a bit of wear and tear began to show.


You see Cats now and again in the US, but they’re pretty rare since they were stopped being made. I’ll try to provide manuap later. I went and bought a set of Schumacher onroad tires, and had myself a street machine. I had some spares, so no big deal, but it was enough to cause me to think.

Front and rear diffs are ball diffs, and you adjust the main belt front to rear diff tension by rotating the front diff. Add a Poll to this Thread. That is a very nice chassis and I would hate to get rid of a gem mankal that.

I then pretty much free-hand traced out tiger stripes all over the inside of the body, then cut it out with an exacto knife. Interestingly, the tolerances on the Cat are pretty tight. It has the crashback front bossscat, is of course belt driven 4WD, slipper clutch, and belt driven transmission.

I hope to compare to the Durga, in general terms anyway.