Bread Givers is a novel by Anzia Yezierska that was first published in See a complete list of the characters in Bread Givers and in-depth analyses of. Anzia Yezierska’s best-known novel, Bread Givers, received a glowing review in the New York Times on September 13, Beautifully redesigned page for page with the previous editions, Bread Givers is an essential historical work with enduring relevance.

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How to cite this page Jewish Women’s Archive. He’s a great example of the self-serving nature of religious and cultural fundamentalism and how these systems of ania are incompatible with the rights and happiness of oppressed groups, especially women. I felt like I was beside her in her dingy basement room covered in filth and lit by candle. This is one of my absolute favorite books of all time.

Bread Givers by Anzia Yezierska | Jewish Book Month Events

He will redden your ass with his flagellant belt. Yezierska portrays so well the toxic effect that an overbearing and religiously fundamentalist father has on his wife and daughters, brfad and destroying their chances for personal and professional success and happiness. This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers.

Sep 07, Nick rated it liked it.

Bread Givers, by Anzia Yezierska is a compelling book, not only in its vivid descriptions of life in New York City during the ss, but also in its look into an Orthodox Jewish family, and its standards. The style gibers often melodramatic–and yet the emotions are so thoroughly felt and convincing that the melodrama is transcended. Return to Book Page.


Also, how past habits and thoughts hindered success of some. One world was trying to compete with another, and not always successfully, as culture clashes were abundant.

He guvers to a new settlement with intangible ideals about this great new America, but realized all too quickly, how short lived his hopes were.

Bread Givers

Feb 09, Allie rated it liked it Shelves: After the first chapter I was hooked. In this sense, Sara’s comment about her family’s living quarters is strictly true: He uses it to justify his pitiable effort to start a business and when he is defrauded, to justify his poverty. This book is set in the s on the Lower East Side of Manhattan on Hester Street about a girl named Sara Smolin The beginning of the book has a discussion about the significance of the novel and what happened to the author and why it was not published until 75 years after its initial publication.

Otherwise, he will hurl abuse at you, or if you are a son, he will make a man of you by punching you in the chest or stomach.

yeziersoa A Personal History and Bulosan: Her overbearing father cracks me up but also annoys and irritates me. Perhaps it is my American self that cries out for Sara to come among us and take her place as one of the brave and free. With a household of 5, and having a small amount of wages being used for the family, Sara strives to make some money for her family.


I will treasure this book always. Sara, for example, manages to win over her yezieerska aloof professors and college classmates, but making peace with her own father is much more challenging.

She flees from the entrapment of yeziedska family home against the curses of her father, yelling that she is an American. Nov 24, Lorri rated it really liked it Shelves: It’s a great book, although quite sad in parts.

“New York Times” reviews Yezierska’s “Bread Givers”

Views Read Edit View history. Thanks to those misleading bodies of teachings! Retrieved from ” https: Her work featured female protagonists struggling with issues of economic survival, Americanization, and the tension between immigrant parents and their givwrs. Her family immigrated to the Lower East Side of Manhattan around Reb Smolinsky slaps her twice in anger, causing her to seek out the aniza to arrest him. I said it before, but it stands repeating: Sara creates a rigid daily schedule, causing her to ignore her family.